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Making Misery

This song took a little bit longer to nail down in the studio. I wrote it on acoustic guitar, and normally always play it that way, but during the recording process something just felt off. My producer, Ben Kling suggested I ditch my customary two capo set up in favor of an alternate tuning, and swap over to electric guitar. It suddenly it all clicked into place like magic. John Ogelby had created a strong but mellow foundation for the song using a wacky vintage drum kit and some chains for added percussion, and the twang of the electric guitar added the right amount of attitude. My friends Steve Haan and Connor Gehlart rounded the whole thing out with a lilting bass part and some sweet pedal steel, giving the song the lonesome feeling it needed. 

I'm extremely proud of how it turned out, and so honored to have worked with such talented and amazing musicians who brought it to life in a way I had only dreamed of. I hope you enjoy this cautionary tale!


"Come What May" live on the Berklee YouTube Channel


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