Emotional, evocative, warm & natural. This describes Kathryn Hallberg's music.

Kathryn is an experienced musician, having been songwriting and performing in the Houston music scene since the age of 11. She has opened for such musical legends as Michael Martin Murphy, Shawn Colvin, Lorrie Morgan, and Marcia Ball, and her accolades include a Houston Press nomination for Best Pop Artist in 2011, selection as a 2012 Ballad Tree Regional Finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Competition, and Winner of the Texas Independent Music Expo.

Kathryn is currently based in Nashville, after graduating Berklee College of Music in 2016. She is releasing her 3rd EP, Some Dreams, in the fall of 2018. This new project is a departure from her previous EPs, blending her love of 70's folk-rock and alternative sweethearts like Ryan Adams and Pete Yorn.

pc: Libby Danforth

pc: Libby Danforth


"Her songs promise hope and growth and a glimpse forward to what's on the horizon. Hallberg's songs are the silver lining around the dark clouds that can form over even the strongest relationships." - Bob Langham, Examiner.com, 6/24/12

"'Nocturnal' is a lovely, layered affair. Wisps of folk and country peek out amid the pop framework. Hallberg's voice is an unadorned, unaffected thing of beauty. And, yes, it's all bracingly emotive and emotional, far beyond her age. It's early, but expect to see it on my year-end list of favorite albums." - Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle, 4/19/12

"There's a sense of honesty attached to every word Kathryn Hallberg sings and each chord her fingers strum. At 17, the music The Woodlands songwriter creates goes beyond her life's experiences." - Nicklaus Lovelady, Houston Chronicle, 9/20/11

"Her sound combines the alto crescendos of the Indigo Girls, youthful beat of Avril Lavigne and lyrics similar to something found on a Taylor Swift album. The influence of [Sheryl] Crow is evident in her music." - Lauren Hodges, The Woodlands Villager, 7/29/10

"She is, at just 14 years of age, already a mature songwriter, guitarist, and singer of undeniable skill and exquisite appeal. Her songs show that she has seen the world's wheel roll over the butterfly of love and hope, and has only let it temper her into a benevolent siren." - Jef With One F, Houston Press, 2/19/09

"She pours herself into her uncluttered, pretty songs with humanity and a warm natural voice. 'Gonna' and 'Destiny' convey well the powerlessness that comes from being young and wanting much." - Sara Cress, Houston Chronicle, 1/22/09